SCREEN Graphic Solutions (SCREEN GA) launches its new PlateRite 8600NII series of 8-page thermal CtP systems. These systems are equipped with high-output fiber laser diode exposure heads, enabling outstanding productivity of up to 32 plates per hour as well as superior cost performance and energy savings. The midrange PlateRite 8600NII models will complement SCREEN’s flagship PlateRite 8900HDN models which can image up to 70 plates per hour.

All PlateRite 8600NII models feature the latest fiber laser diode exposure heads. These heads work with SCREEN’s proprietary clamp technologies and auto-balance mechanism to enable stable, high-speed exposure with top quality. The lineup includes the Z, S and E models, allowing printing companies to choose the right model for their production requirements.

The Z model is equipped with 96 channel exposure heads, supporting output of up to 32 plates per hour. The S and E models have 64 and 32 channel heads respectively, for outputs of 24 and 14 plates per hour. All systems are capable of handling plate sizes ranging from as large as 1,160 x 940 mm (45.6″ x 37″) to, when fitted with the small size option, as small as 304 x 370 mm (12″ x 14.6″).

In addition, all models feature major functionality improvements such as a power-saving mode that reduces energy consumption during idling, producing energy savings of around 60% during operation and 73% during standby.

SCREEN will continue development of CtP equipment to maintain its superior leading position in the market.