Truepress Jet L350UV SAI Series UV Inkjet Label Presses


The most flexible and automated label production system in it's class.

Building on the technology of the most stable and successful printers of its kind, the Truepress Jet L350UV and L350UV+ series, the new SAI range offers improved colour reproduction as well as superior scalability, enabling it to meet an even wider variety of market needs.



This is what SAI stands for in Japanese. With CMYK+O+B, superior colour reproduction is now achievable. What is even more impressive is that the stability of the SAI device means that the colours will be the same whether you will print them this morning, this afternoon, next week or next year



That is what makes equipment productive. Analysing data from over 150 installations of the L350UV+ series worldwide our customers report uptime in excess of 90%. Architectural and software improvements being introduced on the SAI device will enable even greater reliability.



Our innovative and specifically engineered inks maximize the series’ already outstanding quality, stability and compatibility to support a wide range of applications. With excellent colourfastness, chemical resistance and the required industry standard compliances, you can be confident that your customers will love your labels.



Entry level devices are available for those who do not need the full functionality straight away, with options to upgrade as your business grows. Even with a CMYK configuration you can match around 80% of the spot colours within a Delta E < 3.  Additional heads can be added when your business is ready for that.



Labels for food packaging must satisfy strict safety standards. The SAI model is currently undergoing the rigorous official tests to obtain all the necessary certifications.

In the meantime, for applications requiring a low migration solution we offer the Truepress Jet L350UV+LM system which is compliant with the EuPIA Exclusion Policy for Printing Inks & Related Products, Swiss Ordinance and Nestlé Guidance.



Dual lamp option, optional space for a functional ink, high opacity white, thin substrate support, reduced footprint, etc.

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UV Curing Inks For POD Label Systems


Highly versatile, low migration Truepress inks.

Truepress ink for L350 series are specially designed for the Truepress Jet L350 series of UV inkjet label systems. These innovative inks maximize the series’ already outstanding quality, stability and compatibility with a wide range of substrates.

- Making variable printing easy

Successful variable printing requires the right tools to create optimum files which will not impact the productivity of the press. Such tools need to be powerful, easy to use with an intuitive user interface, and capable of sorting files in the right order.

PDFormstudio is just the software tool you need! Click here to read more.


Embellishment combinations

By printing under or over Kurz foil, UV inkjet samples can create catching effects.

Bottle Wrap

Bottle wraps on films with thicknesses down to 40 micron will show you the strong opacity of our whites.

Color-Logic metallic effects

For creating special effects onto metallic substrates, Equios can map a metallic separation to a white separation by using the Colour-Logic application. At the same time, it can also invert positive and negative images.

Brand protection

The standard security features like Seal Vector, variable barcoding or numbering can also be used for brand protection.


In the pharmaceutical industry combatting counterfeiting of prescription drugs is essential. The range of security features that is included in the L350UV kit can strongly contribute to the safety of medicines within the supply chain.

Paperboard (Cartons)

Printing on paperboard for primary and secondary packaging offers versatility across a number of industries. Print performance is a key object for paperboard packaging, and Screen inkjet printing systems ensure a remarkable level of performance.


Screen delivers the UV inkjet technology that is highly prized by label printing companies looking for top-level productivity, smooth output of gradations, reproduction of wide CMYK colour gamut and single-pass versioning printing.