High-Speed Inkjet. Print profitability powered by Screen.

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SCREEN High-Speed Inkjet

Reach the apex of performance with productivity, precision and personalisation unheard of in inkjet.

Truepress Jet 520HD Mono

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Truepress Jet 520HD Mono »

Truepress Jet520HD Series High-Definition Inkjet Web Press

Offset Quality on Standard Offset Coated Stocks

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Truepress Jet520HD Series »

Truepress SC Ink Inkjet Ink for Offset Coated Paper

Groundbreaking wide-gamut inks for direct printing on offset coated paper without pre- or post-coating!

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Truepress SC Ink »

Truepress Jet520NX Series Full-Colour Variable Printing System

Next Generation Inkjet Press System Marks New Era for Transactional Form Printing

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Truepress Jet520NX Series »


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Printing directly onto offset coated stocks opens up a broad market that was previously only suitable for offset. Now you can print jobs like flyers, brochures and catalogues which can be short-run, localized or personalized. Think about the possibilities Beyond Offset!

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Screen technology creates new opportunities to use continuous-feed inkjet for high-end publications and digital book printing that were previously impossible. Screen inkjet web presses leverage the speed advantages of digital technology while providing opportunities for variable data, full colour and different text stocks.

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Paperboard (Cartons)

Printing on paperboard for primary and secondary packaging offers versatility across a number of industries. Print performance is a key object for paperboard packaging, and Screen inkjet printing systems ensure a remarkable level of performance.

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Direct Mail

Time to market is everything in the print-and-mail world. For time-sensitive, mission-critical communications that get results for your clients, look no further than SCREEN high-end, quality print, high-speed inkjet.

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Short-run business magazines and commercial catalogue-like magazines are great communication tools and because of the 520HD, those tools now also become available to the majority of small- and midsize companies. The savings are not only in the printing; a reduced number of touch points requires less labour and shortens lead times through digital collating in the finishing.

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Thermal Paper

Thermal papers were never possible to print with high-speed inkjet before, however the NIR drying of the TP-J520HD+ allows the drying temperatures to remain well below the activation point of most papers.

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Screen high-speed inkjet presses are changing the look and feel of monthly statements, invoices, policies and other documents. Attention-grabbing colour and targeted messages combine with fast throughput to add value to every customer communication. With our native IPDS controller and JetInspection system, you can guarentee a 100% secure output.