Screen expands presence at Hunkeler Innovationdays

Screen will demonstrate the importance it places on the high-speed inkjet market by taking one of the premium slots (biggest available space) at this year’s Hunkeler Innovationdays (HID) held at the Messe Lucerne from 11th to 15th February. During the exhibition, it will showcase its flagship 220m per minute Truepress Jet520ZZ as well as its upgradeable (to colour) monochrome machine, the Truepress Jet520EX.

Both machines will be printing live at the show and producing a mixture of direct mail, books and manuals.

Software tools key to production

While the floorspace of the 11m x 25m booth will be dominated by print engines, the Screen message at the fair will focus on its impressive range of software centred around its EQUIOS workflow that brings traditional graphic arts techniques to high speed variable data output.

At HID Screen will demonstrate EQUIOS 2.0 which includes a wide range of enhancements and new features. Version 2.0 is designed as a hybrid workflow system for CTP, Inkjet and third party POD systems. Users of EQUIOS 2.0 can choose to drive workflow automation in a variety of ways ranging from full integration with an MIS system through to automatic interrogation of file names or the metadata included in a PDF file. Even simple text files, created by programs such as Excel or FileMaker, can be used to define the workflow steps that are required for any given job.

An important feature of EQUIOS 2.0 is the ability to introduce a completely automated reprint workflow based on the feedback from either on-press cameras or those mounted in the finishing processes. Once any reprint requirements have been logged, EQUIOS can be used to route the necessary pages to the most appropriate machine – either back through the Truepress Jet520 or to any smaller cut-sheet device.

Book printing in cooperation with Horizon

Another important sub-set of the production tools within EQUIOS 2.0 is designed for book printing and Screen will demonstrate these features in cooperation with Horizon. The Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome will run in-line to Horizon folding, collating and stacking equipment with perfect bound books then being produced through an Horizon binder. The three-knife trimming will take place on the Horizon stand but the integration of the complete process is through specially developed tools that links Screen’s EQUIOS and Horizon’s pXnet software.

Cloud-based variable data demonstrated live on the stand

Screen will use HID to demonstrate its revolutionary cloud-based variable data software. Screen first announced its Variable Front-end Service (VFS) at drupa but in Lucerne, Screen will be able to give live demonstrations of how the software can be used by designers, content owners and printers to collaborate (via the internet) on variable data projects.

New pigment Black ink

Screen will announce its new pigment Black ink for applications which need higher density blacks such as book printing. It will be demonstrated on the Truepress Jet520EX at HID.

Screen original camera-based inspection system

Screen has installed its original camera-based inspection system called “Jetinspection JI-500” at a pilot customer in Europe. Jetinspection runs on the Truepress Jet520ZZ and provides realtime, full pixel and full colour comparison for variable data. This gives total data security as well as providing the basis for a completely automated reprint workflow.