EQUIOS Universal Workflow

EQUIOS ART & UX Delivers Superior Quality Regardless of the Output Device

EQUIOS ART & UX uses a single interface to automate job management, including accurate imposition and consistent colour management, across multiple output devices. Operators monitor and manage jobs from a central dashboard.

  • EQUIOS enables high-speed processing of large amounts of data — a key requirement of variable data printing.
  • PDF files can be RIPed to SCREEN’s PlateRite CTP recorders, Truepress inkjet printers and presses, and inkjet and toner-based POD presses and proofers from third-party vendors.
  • The Smart Variable Data Processing function eliminates the need to re-RIP reusable elements each time. EQUIOS automatically extracts, caches and optimises shared reusable elements included in PDF and PDF/VT variable data.
  • A built-in smart imposition function expands the application range to include transpromo, direct mail, books, newspapers and textbooks that support variable data.
  • Optimal colour conversion settings are automatically chosen from a media database when the operator selects a printer, paper type and screening method.
  • Specialised tools adjust CMYK colours as close as possible to spot colours, particularly useful in digital printing where matches to PMS and custom spot colours are required from CMYK.
  • Wherever JDF is deployed in a printing environment, EQUIOS integrates seamlessly all the way to the bindery, thanks to the EQUIOSNET Partnership Program with partner companies at both hardware and software levels.
  • Job data is transmitted to any third-party management information system via Job Messaging Format. Communication with finishing systems is automated via JDF.