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Truepress Jet L350UV+ Series

Truepress Jet L350UV+ Series

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Recognised as one of the most innovative label printers in Germany, Labelprint24 produce a range of sheet and roll-mounted labels for market leaders across multiple industries. After the introduction of their 100% digital facility, Labelprint24 took steps to increase their capacity with the key step being to invest in Germany’s first Truepress Jet L350UV press. Not only did this press allow them to double their production capacity, but also deliver everything a label buyer would expect, including first class quality and a fast turnaround.


With the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV we can meet all these demands. Because the press is incredibly...

Limpet Labels increases uptime by 98% since replacing toner based system

An established producer of high-quality labels, Limpet Labels installed their first SCREEN Truepress Jet L350UV next to their existing toner device. This first UV inkjet press had unheralded success in producing their labels for industries with challenging applications. When they needed to increase their digital capacity, it was an easy choice to replace their toner system with a second SCREEN …

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