Baumer AG invests in colour Screen Truepress Jet 520 continuous inkjet press

Baumer AG, Islikon, Switzerland has invested in a high-speed, continuous 128m/min Screen Truepress Jet520 colour inkjet press to service its expanding personalised colour direct mail business.

An established family firm, Baumer AG is a direct mail and security print specialist primarily serving non-profit, security/finance, administration, retail and agency sectors throughout Switzerland. “The way we work is more process- than product-oriented,” says Daniel Jud, Managing Director, Baumer AG. “Our aim is to help customers make their entire communication more efficient and more effective.” For example, the company enables even small and medium-sized enterprises to outsource their entire customer communication – printed, Internet and e-mail-based – to Baumer AG. “It is very difficult these days for small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the requirements of data protection and data security but we can offer that service,” says Mr Jud.

Baumer selected the Screen press after evaluating all the presses available on the market. “The Swiss market is extraordinarily quality-conscious and three factors were essential for us: the best print quality, the best productivity and a good return-on-investment ratio. The whole package had to be there,” says Mr Jud. “That’s why we chose the Screen Truepress Jet 520”.

Thanks to its Epson drop-on-demand inkjet printheads, the Screen Truepress Jet 520 can reach speeds of up to 128 metres a minute at a maximum print width of 507 mm. This equates to some 1,700 sides of DIN A4 a minute. “Our typical batch sizes are between 10,000 and 100,000 copies, but documents are becoming more and more personalised and so the runs are becoming increasingly fragmented. Hence it was important for us to find a machine that excels at printing personalised data,” says Mr Jud.

The press prints with environmentally friendly, water-based inks, which was also an important factor for him: “We have been quality and environmentally certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 since 1993 and have been using mainly FSC paper since 2003. Ecological responsibility is an integral part of company policy for us so we didn’t even consider any other printing process,” says Mr Jud.

The new Screen Truepress Jet 520 will be installed in June and the company’s in-house programmers and designers are already working on the next transformation of the company. In the future, via a webshop, customers will be able to design complex forms and transfer them directly to Baumer AG for printing – a perfect job for the fast and reliable Screen Truepress Jet 520.

Image Caption:

The whole Baumer AG team is looking forward to the arrival of the new Screen Truepress Jet 520. From left to right: Patrick Jud (Sales Manager, Screen Europe), Brian Filler (President of Screen Europe), Daniel Jud (owner and Managing Director of Baumer AG), Kurt Hunziker (Production Manager and Member of the Executive Board) and Christoph Schatz (Sales Office Director and Member of the Executive Board).