Truepress Jet W3200UV HS High-Speed UV Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Mid-Range Investment, High-Level Opportunities

Where value is supreme and equipment costs are carefully managed, the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS offers superb flexibility and a rapid return on investment. Screen’s revolutionary, moving-table flatbed platform fills the gap between print engines on the top and bottom rungs of the service provider ladder.  
Industry-leading droplet management

Industry-Leading Droplet Management

Drop location accuracy, consistency and drop size are almost infinitely controllable on the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS. The printheads jet 14-picoliter drops at up to 1000 dpi quality for every print mode. The small drop size produces sharper image detail and smoother tonal ranges than other wide-format printers currently on the market.
Screen white ink is key

White Ink is Key

Truepress UV inks have been proven across hundreds of applications. The opacity of Screen white ink brings graphics and images printed on the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS to a pop-off-the-substrate vibrancy unmatched in mid-range flatbed machines. Maximum density is delivered consistently via two sets of four dedicated printheads — a first for a machine in this category.
Up to 8-layer colour printing… in one pass

Up to 8-Layer colour Printing in One Pass

The Truepress Jet W3200UV HS achieves perfect inline registration of up to eight independent image layers — more than any other printer in its class — in a single pass. Unequaled ink density and dramatic high-impact detail on virtually any substrate. Equipped with six colours (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan and light magenta) plus two white ink channels, the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS has it covered.

Roll-to-Roll Capabilities (Option)

For true versatility, you can equip the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS with our new Roll2Roll unit to tackle a wider variety of work than can be handled with a single type of printer. The 3.2m roll system — available as a factory-installed option or as a field upgrade — turns the Truepress Jet W3200UV HS into one of the industry’s most versatile production-class printers, producing high-quality UV print on both sheeted and roll-fed substrates.

Screen Truepress Jet W3200UV II Series Overview