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Is your company equipped to deliver the new breed of value-added
services that will help put it at the forefront of the packaging market ?
Corrugated Board
& POP Display
Flexible Packaging
Screen is your packaging innovation partner. Our industry-leading offset CtP and inkjet
technologies help companies capitalize on this lucrative market. We offer a full
range of solutions to allow your company to satisfy the most demanding
customer requirements with high value-added, cost effective
work - even if you are new to the market.
The traditional image of cardboard boxes as generic brown cubes with
black lettering is rapidly disappearing. These days, at least in the consumer
market, this packaging is more likely to be decorated with eye-catching,
multi-coloured designs promoting the value of products as diverse as
personal computers and televisions to potato chips and beer. Cardboard
has also found a new application as a media for POP displays and other
in-store promotional materials such as catalogue racks.
The PlateRite FX1524 and PlateRite FX1200 represent an ideal solution
to the platemaking requirements of the flexo printing used for large-size
boxes. These platesetters provide advanced flexo CtP capabilities for jobs
ranging from coarse right through to high-precision printing. Meanwhile the
Truepress Jet2500UV and Truepress Jet1600UV-F2 have opened up a new
and growing market, enabling converters to deliver the high quality, short-
run printing for POP display and other promotional materials.
The flexible packaging segment continues to grow, with demand for
items such as printed bags, liners, and wraps still expanding in many
countries. While some converters still use gravure printing, flexo has been
attracting a great deal of attention in recent years due to its superior
environmental friendliness.
In this segment too, the PlateRite FX1524 and PlateRite FX1200 are
able to supply the high quality plates required for precise, large scale flexo
CtP. These plates are suitable for CI type flexo presses, delivering improved
printing quality in this segment.
Thanks to their 4,800 dpi resolution and Flexo Dot screening, these
platesetters have the ability to produce output on flexible packages that is
comparable in quality to gravure printing.
PlateRite FX870II
Truepress Jet L350UV
Truepress JetSX
PlateRite HD 8900
PlateRite Ultima 16000II
Truepress Jet1600UV-F2
Truepress Jet2500UV
PlateRite FX1524 /
PlateRite FX1200
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