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Packaging Opportunities For Forward-T
Product packaging is becoming an increasingly important promotional tool as new items flood
already competitive markets. As a result, some segments naturally offer greater returns...
While the packaging market as a whole offers excellent returns, four segments show particularly strong growth.
Screen offers compelling and comprehensive solutions in each of these target areas, for both conventional and
on-demand print applications.
Packaging continues to show exceptional growth, outperforming most other print industry
segments. There's never been a better time for companies to take advantage of the commercial
opportunity that package printing offers.
Label Printing
Folding Cartons
Labels are used on a wide variety of items and are used for many different
purposes. As a result they use a wide range of print materials and production
methods. This segment shows a strong demand for converters that can deliver
a full range of high quality, short run jobs with rapid turnaround – needs that
can be met using Screen’s PlateRite FX870II hybrid CtP recorder and the
Truepress Jet L350UV high-speed inkjet label printing system.
The PlateRite FX870II offers outstanding large-scale flexibility, handling
jobs ranging from flexo and letterpress through to dry film and thermal offset.
With its precise 4,800 dpi resolution, this system is able to faithfully reproduce
1pt text characters, complex illustrations and security images. It also delivers
major improvements in reproducing fine details using FlexoDot and Spekta
With the demand for short-run, fast turnaround label printing growing
rapidly, Screen has developed the Truepress Jet L350UV. This highspeed inkjet
printer enables converters to deliver short run jobs on a tight deadline while still
providing the highest print quality.
The package printing market continues
to show consistently strong growth.
As in all areas of print, packaging production has evolved.
With the growth in niche marketing, there is increasing
demand for high quality, competitively priced short-run
print jobs produced on a tight schedule.
While this segment has traditionally focused on large-scale production,
the demand for high quality, short-run work has also started to expand in
recent years. In the CtP field, the PlateRite HD 8900 series provides both
high throughput and, thanks to its 4,000 dpi resolution, superb quality.
For paper package printers requiring larger plate sizes, the specialised
PlateRite Ultima 16000II is also available. Together, these platesetters
create significant added value for converters in the package printing
With digital printing also becoming increasingly attractive in this
segment, Screen has now introduced support for cardboard stocks for
its Truepress JetSX inkjet printing system, opening up a range of new
business opportunities. This functionality will allow converters to easily
handle on-demand work such as seasonal campaigns, regional distribution
or exclusive product releases. Personalised packaging or pre-release
product samples can also be turned around quickly.
Packaging Success With Screen Solutions
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