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Sharp reproduction of text and artwork
The Truepress Jet520 series feature Piezo
Drop on Demand (DOD) inkjet printhead arrays
manufactured by Seiko Epson Corporation, which are
well known for their reliability. The printheads produce
three picoliter ink droplets – amongst the smallest in
this market – enabling ultra precise dot placement.
With four levels of grey per dot, extremely "ne detail
and gradation are possible, resulting in smooth,
rich high-resolution output with sharp, crisp text or
Different paper grades
The Truepress Jet520 series can print on
paper up to 520 mm (20.47") wide. This enables the
output of various sheet dimensions, including Berliner
and tabloid It offers the !exibility to print on a variety
of stock, from inkjet paper to standard paper and even
uncoated paper.
High speed printing
The Truepress Jet520ZZ !agship model
can print almost 17,000 copies* in an eight-hour shift
(40pages, Berliner format: 315 x 470 mm). Each page
can be printed in full color without any reduction in
*With a dual engine duplex system and 220 m/min output speed.
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