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Eliminate the financial cost and environmental impact of air-freighting newspapers?
Maintain brand loyalty by ensuring ‘same-day’ availability all over the world?
Screen’s Truepress Jet520 series On Demand Newsprint Solution provides the perfect answer.
Color Print on Demand
brings new business opportunities for
global newspaper production
Reading a daily paper remains one of life’s
simple pleasures. Whether it’s for business or
pleasure, to keep up to date on current affairs
or follow the progress of sports teams, there is
an experience readers get from their favorite
newspaper that is unmatched by television,
radio or the internet.
As a result, people will often go to
extraordinary lengths to receive their chosen
title, wherever they are in the world.
Despite this loyalty, the world now moves
at such a rapid pace that reading a newspaper
that is a day or two old is no longer acceptable.
Publishers run the risk that if a current edition
is not available, reader loyalty built up over time
may shift to a competing newspaper and be lost
Maintaining a market presence in all of
the world’s tourist and business destinations
therefore becomes an important thread woven
into every major newspaper’s marketing strategy.
To air-freight or print locally?
Manufacturing locally has always been the
alternative to air-freighting newspapers,
but the costs and local production
limitations have proven unattractive and
unprofitable to most publishers. More
recently, digital printing has offered a
partial answer, but up until now, each
solution has been undermined by either
speed, quality or cost per copy.
With Screen’s Truepress Jet520 series On
Demand Newsprint Solution, publishers can
now produce full-color newspapers on the
day of publication, at the point of distribution,
anywhere in the world. And at a speed, quality
and cost that ensures that the business can
be successful.
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