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Speed, Quality and
Truepress Jet520 series: Roll fed high-speed full-color variable printing system
Suitable for a wide range of paper
It offers the flexibility to print on a variety of stock, from
general purpose paper to uncoated paper and even
onto recycled paper, significantly expanding the range
of jobs it can handle.
Superior ink characteristics
Water-based pigment inks are deposited on the
surface of print media as particles, minimizing both
strike-through and thickening of characters and
enabling sharp, unblurred printing. They also offer high
resistance to water, light, heat, ozone, and chemicals,
providing the efficiency required for printing of books,
including teaching materials and manuals. These
inks can be stored for extended periods, even under
rigorous conditions.
Water-based dye inks are also an appropriate choice if
a business is prioritizing cost savings.
High efficiency inkjet printhead
The Truepress Jet520 series features Piezo Drop on
Demand (DOD) inkjet printhead arrays manufactured
by Seiko Epson Corporation, which are well known for
their reliability. Their approximately three picoliter ink
droplets are among the smallest in this market and
enable highly precise control. With four tones per dot,
ultra-detailed expression is possible. Beautiful, smooth
printing with sharp, crisp characters can be achieved.
Print quality monitoring
Unevenness is often cited as a problem when using
multiple printheads. The Truepress Jet520 series
features built-in quality control scanners, reading a
printed test chart and automatically correcting for any
problems. The unit is also designed to use special
techniques to prevent problems with jammed nozzles.
The Truepress Jet520’s automated printing quality
monitoring ensures consistent, high-quality results
throughout each job as the system prints.
A variety of installation setups
The Truepress Jet520 series can be set up in a variety
of shapes, depending on how the printing units and
paper roll unwinder/rewinder units are positioned.
These include a straight line design (I-shape), a partial
loop design (U-shape), and a right angle design
(L-shape). Simply choose the arrangement that best
suits your needs.
Straight line design (I-shape)
Right angle design
Partial loop design
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