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Roll to book block solution:
Unwinder - Cross cutting - Separation/Offset - Large stack output - Transfer station - Delivery
Roll to saddle stitching solution:
Unwinder - Cross cutting - Sequencing - Scoring/Folding - Stitching - 3 Knife trimming - Delivery
Inline/offline solutions
Under the EQUIOSNET partnership program, Screen expands the connectivity with industry leading postpress
vendors. We can offer ideal solution tailored to your production environment, from fully automated complete
inline solution to non-stop near-line solutions with flexible production option.
Customer testimonials
“When we began researching
inkjet technology, our first
reaction was, ‘Will the printing
be of
acceptable quality
?’ We
are extremely impressed by
Screen’s inkjet technology in
terms of speed, quality and
“Demand for color from
book publishers is growing
substantially. Most toner-
based systems become too
expensive above 200 copies,
and offset printing becomes
too expensive at less than 3,000
copies. The Truepress Jet520
ideal for quantities in
the range of 100 to 3,000
“The high resolution and print
speed give us a very flexible
platform. We are able to
ever-shorter time
to market while maintaining
high quality standards
our customers have come to
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