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Setting new standards
for digital production
Digital printing was introduced to book (mono) printing in the early 1990s and the value of
short-run production was gradually recognized by publishers as a way of increasing
profitability through reduced capital committed to warehouses full of unsold books. It also
enabled small quantities of slower selling titles to be produced as they were required so no
title ever had to be out of stock. As digital technology developed, so did publishing concepts
that took advantage of the opportunity to produce customized projects using repurposed
data for different market sectors.
These projects were initially restricted to monochrome books but the more recent introduction
of high speed inkjet presses has led to an extension of this publishing opportunity to color
books. Screen launched the first color capable continuous feed inkjet press in 2006 and it
now offers a range of machines to cover all production demands in both black and white and
color. The Truepress Jet520 now has the reputation as the most reliable high speed roll-fed
inkjet press on the market and we can confidently claim a marketing leading position that we
are determined to maintain.
The Truepress Jet520 series enables color and B/W titles to be produced on demand.
Truepress Jet520 series: Roll fed high-speed full-color variable printing system
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