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Section based
Job Management
Books always consist of
different printed parts, such
as jacket, cover, strap and
body. EQUIOS integrates those
different items as sections
belonging to a single job, which
simplifies the complicated
order record and process
management required for each
print jobs. Thanks to Screen’s
specialty over many years in
prepress process automation,
EQUIOS automatically drives
the appropriate workflow for
each section, from selection of
output device, to imposition,
color management and even JDF
connection to postpress.
Color Management
A real strength of EQUIOS is
its integrated suite of Color
Management tools. It is easy to
create color matches across all
of your different output devices
and paper brands, ensuring
the best possible quality is
produced at all times. EQUIOS
concentrates color expertise
in its single database, so all
operators have to do is just
inputting basic job condition,
then the latest, most optimal
color conversion settings are
automatically selected. Another
significant feature is spot color
editor. EQUIOS approximates
closest CMYK reproduction
to certain spot color, which is
likely to be a remaining issue
when you considering full digital
Smart Imposition
EQUIOS contains more than 90
patterns of the CIP4 standard
folding schemes and additional
EQUIOS standard folding
patterns. All you have to do is
click to choose and customize
the parameter or add extra
information if you need. More
importantly for novice operators,
EQUIOS intelligently sorts out
possible folding patterns for your
selected device or condition.
Once you make your customized
imposition templates, it can be
retained in your favorites and
you never need to create the
settings again. EQUIOS can even
create multiple different sized
flats depending on the number of
pages and the folding patterns
;dg hVYYaZ hi^iX]^c\
;dg ig^[daY W^cY^c\
Post-press processing
Post-press processing
Automatic output of various barcode types (Code 39, Code 128, ITF) is supported as an option.
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