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Books have been with us for hundreds of years and
part of their enduring success is a result of a constant
evolution. Since Gutenberg produced his first bibles,
books have survived many threats to their existence.
People love books. They feel relaxed and at ease with
their familiarity, their texture and their continuity - and
have no concerns about compatibility. However, with
the exponential growth of the internet; the introduction
of tablets such as the Kindle and iPad and even the
ubiquitous smart phone, the printed book is arguably
under more pressure today than ever before.
For books to remain an integral part of our lives as
a form of entertainment, education or information
distribution, they need to continue to evolve as they
have for the last five hundred years. That evolution has
always gone hand in hand with technological change
and it is no different today.
For the last 70 years, Screen has been at the heart
of that technological evolution – from cameras to
scanners, the first page make-up systems to desktop
publishing and filmsetters to computer to plate, Screen
has developed many of the technologies that have
changed the face of book production.
Screen continues to be a pioneer of technology that
allows the publishing industry to revolutionize its
business model. We are the only company to have
developed computer-to-plate devices to match the new
super-sized web presses that allow printers to optimize
traditional litho production and our market leading
development of inkjet web presses have significantly
reduced the cost of short-run production in acceptable
high quality. Our new sheet-fed inkjet press, Truepress
JetSX, is the first digital press that has a format that
is big enough for both dust jackets and paperbacks
with flaps and our innovative workflow software called
EQUIOS makes imposition, color management and
output instructions completely automated processes.
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