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PlateRite series: Thermal plate recorder
Computer to plate
litho production
For many industry experts computer to plate (CTP) marked the biggest single transformation in print production.
Today’s inkjet presses may seriously challenge that view but nonetheless, the disappearance of thousands of film
planners and print down frames changed printing dramatically.
Screen has long been the market leader in CTP and this is a position it maintains. Screen’s CTP quality is assured
with consistent imaging ability with accurate inline punching and auto-balancing drum system, supported by its
optics and graphic technology cultivated in scanners and other prepress equipments. Screen can supply devices that
are capable of outputting plates for every press size from B2 up to the new super-size 48 page web offset presses,
or from entry model to the world top level productivity. Furthermore, for your future business, field upgrade options
can be added after installation. With this comprehensive lineup, we are sure we can meet your most demanding
Desktop publishing and computer to plate means every recipe
in your favorite cookery book is now printed in color.
Communication with toner printers
EQUIOS can be used as your output centre for all your printing devices. Not only can it drive Screen’s different
products but it can also communicate with toner-based POD presses. EQUIOS enhances two-way communication by
obtaining and managing paper information, transmitting instructions to printers, and acquiring information on printing
progress and results. It further facilitates the handling of small-lot orders. By feeding back information to the MIS,
EQUIOS also makes possible a more integrated production management system.
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