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Truepress JetSX: B2 sheet-fed full-color variable printing system
Jackets and covers
One of the early limitations of digital book production was that the color capabilities of the available presses were
not high enough for commercial products. In addition, the A3 format did not permit jackets or covers with flaps to
be produced. Digital presses have now improved to the point where print quality is not an issue although the A3
limitation remained. However, Screen’s B2 sheet-fed inkjet press removes this limitation by giving you a print area of
720mm x 540mm – plenty big enough for almost all jackets and covers to be produced.
Most jackets and covers need subsequent finishing such as lamination, varnishes and blocking. Screen’s introduction
of the industry standard B2 format means that all of your existing finishing equipment can still be used.
The Truepress JetSX is based on the latest inkjet technology and its revolutionary approach means that we can
print in photo-quality on offset coated paper and boards. With the ability to print up to 0.6 mm (23.6mil)**, even the
heaviest cover materials can be handled.
**0.6 mm (23.6mil) in simplex, 0.4 mm (15.7mil) for duplex printing
The Truepress JetSX is the world’s first B2 inkjet press,
the format makes it ideal for printing jackets and covers.
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