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There is a trend towards the use of POD (Print On Demand) in the printing industry, and the
monochrome printing market is no exception. From mainstream statements and users manuals to
on-demand books and newspapers, the need for a wide variety of short-run printings continues to grow.
Dainippon Screen has recently developed Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome type, an inkjet printer specifically developed for use in
monochrome on-demand printing. It features technology and mechanisms from Truepress Jet520, a full-color inkjet variable printing
system that has had good reputations from customers worldwide.
Truepress Je520EX Monochrome type achieves a high level of functionality thanks to features that will prove indispensable for
prevailing in the monochrome on-demand printing market. They include a web-fed transport system that enables high-speed
printing of 128 meters per minute and a quality control scanner that ensures consistent output. A remarkable new era of business
opportunities can be anticipated with the advent of Truepress Jet520EX Monochrome type.
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Launching a new era in on-demand monochrome printing
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