TP-J520 standard - page 9

Touch panel
Printing job instructions, log management, and all
the different printing settings can be made through
the Truepress Jet520’s user-friendly touch panel. The
simple interface was designed to make operating the
Truepress Jet520 effortless and efficient.
Consistent quality
To ensure consistent printing quality, Screen has
incorporated the technology it developed through its
years of experience as a scanner manufacturer into a
built-in printing quality control scanner. This scanner
reads test charts and determines if the inkjet heads
need adjustment or cleaning.
Because of the large-size ink cartridges and ink levels
displayed on touch panel, inks never run out during
the print job.
A better work environment that makes things easy for the operator
The Truepress Jet520 features a touch panel that
makes operation simple. Even operators with little
printing knowledge or experience can be trained
quickly. Potentially troublesome color matching and
head cleaning operations are automated. Maintenance
is easy and doesn’t require extensive downtime.
A touch panel makes operation easy
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