TP-J520 standard - page 7

Front side printing
Back side printing
Preprinted marks
Preprinted marks
Print quality monitoring
Unevenness is often cited as a problem when using
multiple printheads. The Truepress Jet520 features
built-in quality control scanners, reading a printed test
chart and automatically correcting for any problems.
The unit is also designed to use special techniques
to prevent problems with jammed nozzles.
The Truepress Jet520’s automated printing quality
monitoring ensures consistent, high-quality results
throughout each job as the system prints.
High registration accuracy
Printing can be carried out with the aid of preprinted
registration marks, marginal punches or registration
marks created for use as a reference, to make certain
print registration is maintained. Related registration
marks on the front and back sides of each sheet
ensures front-to-back registration and accuracy.
A sensor monitors the paper feed. If the paper starts
to come out of proper alignment, the EPC roller
tension is automatically adjusted to compensate, so
that the paper is fed correctly at all times.
Preprinted marks and barcode marks
EPC roller
Water-based pigment inks, water-based dye inks
The Truepress Jet520’s water-based pigment inks are
highly water- and light-resistant. Its water-based dye
inks support a wide range of paper grades, and have
advantages on running cost.
In both cases, the Truepress Jet520 can output good
photo quality onto a variety of stock, from inkjet
paper to standard paper and even uncoated paper.
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