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Get the Perfect Balance of Quality and Produ
The Truepress Jet520 is a full-color variable
printing system that combines Dainippon Screen’s
high-quality prepress technology with the very latest
color inkjet technology. In addition to printing different
images and text at high-quality on each page, the
Truepress Jet520 features a roll-fed paper transport
system that enables extremely fast, high-volume printing.
The Truepress Jet520’s remarkable combination of
high-quality and high productivity creates tremendous
added value and makes this full-color variable printing
system the perfect tool for today’s one-to-one
Thanks to the quality and speed it offers, the
Truepress Jet520 is the perfect printing system for
today’s world. With Screen’s ingenuity and the Truepress
Jet520, together you can truly create your future in print.
High-quality printing with
multiple drop sizes
Comfortable operating
Full lineup of models to
suit every business need
High-speed, 128 meter-per-minute*
printing onto a wide range of media
Flexible workflow can be
adjusted to suit production
128 meter: 419.94 feet
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