TP-J520 standard - page 10

Straight line design (I-shape)
Right angle design (L-shape)
Partial loop design (U-shape)
Customizable, thanks to a flexible layout and modular design
A variety of system setups are available to suit your
print outputs and job conditions. The Truepress Jet520
also features a flexible layout that allows it to fit
almost any space while accommodating your specific
needs in terms of job content and printing volume.
The flexibility to handle a variety of
printing tasks
A single printing unit of Truepress Jet520 has the
flexibility to switch between printing full-web, single
sided (Simplex) and half-web duplex (Single Engine
Duplex). You can also combine two printing units to
print full web, both sides of the paper (Dual Engine
Duplex). This flexible design makes the Truepress
Jet520 an affordable choice.
A variety of installation setups
The Truepress Jet520 can be set up in a variety of
shapes, depending on how the printing units and paper
roll unwinder/rewinder units are positioned. These
include a straight line design (I-shape), a partial loop
design (U-shape), and a right angle design (L-shape).
Simply choose the arrangement that best suits
your needs.
Connect to postpress processing
Since the Truepress Jet520 has an open interface, it
can be connected to a variety of postpress processing
units, such as folding and cutting equipment. This
contributes to an even more productive processing
environment. Mail inserting system can be
added offline.
Single Engine Duplex
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