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Superior Workflow
Advanced, fully digital processing for higher efficiency
The combination of Trueflow SE Rite Flexo and FlatWorker Flexo
Edition promotes increased efficiency throughout the production
workflow, as does the combination of third-party workflows and
PageFit Flexo. Operators can create layout instructions and check
resin plate layout on a monitor, and there is no need for manual
operations such as page imposition or adjusting the position
of different elements. The use of Trueflow SE Rite Flexo and
FlatWorker Flexo Edition or PageFit Flexo makes efficient, reliable
creation of resin plates a reality.
Trueflow SE Rite Flexo
Trueflow SE Rite Flexo is an entry-level workflow RIP that
features Adobe Systems’ latest RIP engine, Adobe® PDF Print
Engine®, and boasts all the essential functions required for flexo/
letterpress CtP output. It can be upgraded to Trueflow SE after
purchase, which makes it the perfect tool for companies that
anticipate future growth.
PageFit Flexo Workflow
FlatWorker Workflow
LabProof SE
Separation data (1-bit TIFFs)
Output data
Laser imaging
Output data is split into separations, and multiple jobs can be output on a single plate.
Plate layout
PlateRite FX1524
PlateRite FX1200
PlateRite FX870II
PageFit Flexo
Trueflow SE Rite Flexo
Third- party workflow
LabProof SE
Prepress/Plate layout
PlateRite FX1524
PlateRite FX1200
PlateRite FX870II
Trueflow SE Rite Flexo
FlatWorker Flexo Edition
FlatWorker Flexo Edition/PageFit Flexo
FlatWorker Flexo Edition and PageFit Flexo efficiently position
screened 1-bit TIFF data on resin plates. Layout can be carried out
automatically, or by dragging and dropping the desired data. It’s
easy to make fine adjustments to the position of the data after
initial positioning. The operator can also check the positioning on
screen in real time, which reduces waste during platemaking by
preventing the output of incorrect plates. PageFit Flexo emphasizes
Screen’s ability to communicate with a third-party workflow.
Utilizing pre-screened 1-bit TIFF data from other front end systems.
PageFit Flexo will automatically impose 1-bit TIFF data to maximize
plate usage. FlatWorker Flexo is a must see Screen product that
integrates directly with Trueflow SE Rite Flexo.
LabProof SE
LabProof SE is a high quality, high cost performance color
proofing system that outputs proofs on inkjet printers, while making
the most of the advantages of inkjet printing. It accepts RIP’ed files
such as CMYK TIFF and 1-bit TIFF files and outputs them on
large-size inkjet printers. LabProof SE measures color charts and
carries out color matching based on industry-standard ICC profiles,
so the color proofs it outputs are remarkably similar to the final
printed product.
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