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High-quality thermal CtP for 4-page presses
Support for a wide range of plate sizes
The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E can handle the plate
requirements of new larger-format 4-page presses. Both support a
maximum plate size of 830 x 660 mm (32.6" x 25.9"), and are
also capable of supporting some of the smaller 2-page presses
with a minimum plate size of 324 x 370 mm (12.8" x 14.6")*.
The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E offer an unbeatably
flexible and reliable solution for fast output of a wide variety of
plate sizes.
* 304 x 370 mm (12" x 14.6") support is available as a factory option.
Versatile and easy to use
Auto-balance for different plate sizes
Auto-balance lets you use different sized plates without making
any manual adjustments for correct drum balance. All you do is
select the type of plate you want to use and the PlateRite 4300S
and PlateRite 4300E automatically make the necessary
adjustments to create perfect drum balance for each plate size. The
PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E also feature separate loading
and unloading bays, so that one plate can be readied for loading
while another is being exposed.
Bring out the ideal CtP environment with a
simple upgrade
For the ideal environment for your increased productivity
needs, you can upgrade your PlateRite 4300E to the PlateRite
4300S* by simply exchanging parts required for the PlateRite
4300E. This reduces wasted expenses and improves the
operational efficiency of your platesetter.
* Please see the specifications sheet for information on the resolutions available when
upgrading to the PlateRite 4300S.
660 mm (25.9")
370 mm (14.6")
830 mm (32.6")
304 mm (12")
324 mm (12.8")
Max. plate size
Min. plate size
with factory option
Min. plate size
1 3,4
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