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Input/Output Settings
Data Uploads
Trueflow Processing
Online Proofing/Approval
Trueflow Output
Conversion of E-Book Data
Presettings enabling automation of
input/output processing (job sheet
Online proofing
Approval, rejection, check-back instructions
Downloading of proofing images
Automatic imposition and output
Secondary use of 3d book proof(HTML)
as online publishing and digital catalogs
SSL connections and reverse proxies
supporting secure online data submission
Preflight function (option)
Automatic creation of new jobs
Automatic creation of proofing images
E-mail notification
New business
Added value
Workflow Using EQUIOS Online
Approving each page is as simple as pressing the check button.
Proofs can be viewed on screen in several different ways:
Check-back instructions are added directly to the file
on the EQUIOS Online screen, using simple procedures
similar to those used to add comments to a PDF.
The proof data can be downloaded to a local
machine as a PDF file and output on a printer
for checking. Approved 3d book proof(HTML)
can also be downloaded for the secondary use
as online publishing and digital catalogs.
Superimposed plate inspection
Displays the previous data and the most recent data in the same
place and allows the user to switch between them.
Separation view
The separation view makes it easy to check the revisions for
each CMYK separation.
Highlight view
Displays the previous data and the most recent data side by
side. Emphasizes areas of change by highlighting them.
Page flip proofing window compatible with
spec-based left right, or top binding
Control window featuring preview mode
Main proofing tools
• Selection tool
• Color separation measurement tool (eyedropper)
• Hand tool
• Balloon comment tool
• Enlarge/Reduce tool
• Graphic comment tool (rectangle, circle, line)
Easily integrated and intuitive user interface
Simple and reliable on-screen proofing and approval
EQUIOS Online features a simple, intuitive interface that
can be used easily by both printing companies and a
wide range of clients for approval. Proofing data can also
be checked using an iPad.
Images for approval processing can be automatically created from submitted data.
Proofing and approval instructions plus progress checks can be applied at any time
using a Web browser.
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