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Trick backlighting

Trick backlighting combines backlit panels to produce a unique effect. While the light of the

panels is off, reflected light displays the front-most image layer. However, when the panel

lighting is turned on, the backlight illuminates the design and lettering printed on the mask

layers. Different design effects can be produced during the day and night time, making this

medium ideal for outdoor advertising.

Multi-layered printing

Thanks to its advanced UV curing and high-precision flat printhead transfer systems, the

Truepress Jet W3200UV series is able to print up to eight superimposed layers. The lower

layers can be rapidly built up in high-speed mode, with the top layer printed in high-quality

mode to create an attention-grabbing raised finish. This function makes it possible to

quickly output materials with embossing and other “three-dimensional” effects.

A new level of expression with

matte and silk modes

UV curing has the unique ability to create a matte finish when

performed quickly and gloss finish when performed slowly. The

Truepress Jet W3200UV series takes advantage of this feature

by using its proprietary UV lamp shutter to precisely control the

exposure timing of the UV lamp. This enables the creation of

matte or silk finish textures whenever required.


Day time

Exterior view

Interior view

Night time

Silk finish

Matte finish