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Printed at 100% density

White layer


Light-colored image printed with

different halftone density

Image layer

Image layer (inverted)

White layer

Black layer

White layer


Backlit day-night display

The Truepress Jet W3200UV series is capable of creating a day-night display that uses

ordinary ambient light for day time display and integrated backlighting for night time

display. While the top and bottom layers have the same design, the bottom layer is

printed with a different halftone density, making it possible to reproduce the same

density during the day time as at night time (three layers).

Double-sided window films

Window films with different designs printed on the top and bottom layers: Both sides

appear as normal images, allowing layouts with different text or designs (five layers).

High-speed printing of large-scale

lenticular output

Lenticular printing can be used to produce various high-impact 2D

and 3D effects that create the feeling objects are literally jumping

out of printed media or patterns are changing and moving. With

their high-definition flatbeds and outstanding speed, Truepress

Jet W3200UV systems make it practical to take on previously

time-consuming and unrealistic large-size lenticular jobs as regular




Adoption of a multi-layer function

as a standard feature

A multi-layer function providing precise overprinting of up to eight layers is now

installed as a standard feature. The new function allows each layer to be set

individually with the most suitable print mode. This improves productivity and

enables each job to be output at optimum quality. Thanks to their high-definition

flat bed mechanisms and outstanding productivity, Truepress Jet W3200UV systems

make it possible to take on previously unrealistic large-size multi-layer jobs as

regular work.

Day time

Night time