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Conserving forest resources and reducing
emissions throughprintedmaterials
Developingnew, environmentally friendly technologies
in solar power generationandother fields
Screen implements initiatives aimedat reducing
environmental impact whenprinting catalogs and tools.
Our printingpaper is sourced from lumber produced
fromappropriatelymanaged forests.We contribute to
resource conservation through theuseof plant-based
inksmade from recycledplant-derivedoil andwaste
cookingoil.Wearealsomakingefforts to reduce
our CO
emissions, having secured the right touse
the carbon footprint label,*whichprovides a visual
TheScreenGroupmakes concertedefforts todevelop
environmental technologies and is increasing patent
applications for environment-related innovations. Solar
cells area highly anticipated source of safeand clean
energy. InApril 2011, Screen began sales of a related
measurement system for thin-film solar cells, which
are expected to emerge as the next generation of low-
cost solar devices. This is theworld’s first system
capableof analyzing film characteristics in addition to
measuring film thickness. Inaddition, through a range
of initiatives such as thedevelopment of electrode
coatingand drying systems for lithium-ionbatteries,
weareworking to create new technologies consistent
with the aspirations of today’smore environmentally-
conscious society.
aware solutions today
* Japanese language catalogs only
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