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First in theworld toobtain ISO 50001
international energymanagement systemcertification
Tacklingenvironmental problems through
environmental safetymanagement
ISO50001 is an international certification for
management systems designed to ensure that
companiesmeet certain standards regardingenergy
efficiency, performance improvement, andenergy
conservation. Screenhas long quantifiedenergy costs
emissions and promotedways to reduce costs
by improving energy efficiency. In July 2010, Screen’s
Rakusai site became the first facility in theworld to
meet ISO/DIS 50001, the draft international standard
for ISO 50001. InAugust 2011, weexpanded the scope
of the system andobtained the certificationat all of our
principal sites in Japan.
TheScreenGroup’sCSR initiatives prioritize
Environment, Safety andQuality. Maintaining
this focus, inMarch 2009we launched our
medium termplan for environmental safety
management, GreenValue (GV) 21. Through
this planwehave begunenvironmental
conservation efforts focusing on reducing our
impact on climate change. From fiscal 2011,
as part of GV21, Phase II, we have formulated
anEnvironmental, Health, Safety andEnergy
Policy and committedourselves to four priority
action plans.We aim to develop technologies
and products that will contribute to reducing our
environmental impact and to conserving energy
inour factories and offices.
Develop technologies and products that help reduce environmental impact.
GreenProducts andTechnologies
health and safety.
Safety andHealth
GreenFactories andOffices
Reduceby half theenvironmental impact of our products at customer sites by
the fiscal year endingMarch 31, 2016 (comparedwith levels for the fiscal
year endedMarch 31, 2010).
By the end of the fiscal year endingMarch 31, 2016, eliminate the use in
our products of prohibited substances (employ alternatives).
Eliminate all incidents
resulting in four or more
days of lost work.
Reinforce our
environmental safety system.
Establishaglobal EHS audit system.
Incorporatebusiness continuity intoEHS
Preserve the environment
and conserve energy
at factories and offices.
By theendof thefiscal
year endingMarch31,
2016, reduce theamount of
(comparedwith levels for
thefiscal year ended
March31, 2010, onaunit
Our Long-TermCommitment toGreenValue (GV) 21, Phase II
Advanced technology to achieve tomorrow’s eco-
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