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Print what you need, where you need it, when
you need it. A more environmentally-friendly
approach throughout every step of the printing
Print-On-Demand (POD)moves print productionaway from conventional
“one size fits all” volumeprint runs, to individually tailored solutions designed
to bring higher added-value. At the same time, POD addresses anumber of
environmental concerns for theprinting industry through its capability to print
exactly the required volume at the required time.
EQUIOS is aScreen-developed universal workflow, specifically designed
to integratebothCtPandPOD production needs. Through our close
collaborationwithmajor partner vendors froma variety of graphic arts and
print production fields, EQUIOSautomates the entireproductionprocess,
fromdata submission throughpost-press processingand delivery, to
respond flexibly topersonalizedprinting andWeb-to-delivery automation.
Inaddition, Screen is committed toprovidinga sustainableenvironmental
productionplatform fromourmanufacturing processes, our energy-saving
product range and our fully-automated solutions, helping to prevent errors,
losses, and job repetition.
Makinga significant environmental contribution through printingprocess automation.
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